Protective mattresses

Protective mattress is a basic safety feature and should not be missed in any ski resort. Of course, protective mattresses are also used in gyms, outdoor sports fields, climbing centers, cycling tracks, in places where an accident may occur. Their main task is to absorb the kinetic energy of the athlete when he hits some object accidentaly – such as barrier masts, hydrants and aprons, snowmobiles and poles, trees, columns, radiators, curbs, corners of the walls etc.

Mattresses are produced in different measurements and shapes according to the specific requirements of the customer. The mattress cover is made of a high-strength PVC-PES tarp with a basis weight of 680g/m². This type of technical fabric guarantees high strength, waterproof, colorfulness and a long service life. In case of mechanical damage, the mattresses are simply repaired and work further. At customer's request, the package is provided with a classic or velcro fastener and reflective markings. The mattress can also serve as an advertising banner, its front is digitally printed, or there is a velcro fastener applied, and then the advertising motifs can be changed at any time.

The mattress filling is made of high-quality foam (foam - 42kg/m³) or PE foam, which has a longer service life. By varying the combination of PE elements, we can increase the elimination of kinetic energy.


Rectangular profile – This shape of the mattress is the most popular, as it allows variable protection of various types of obstacles. We recommend a 250 cm height for the ski masts and the width should be ¾ of the mast perimeter with a thickness of 10 cm. The mattress is lined and titched around the circumference.

U and L profiel – In ski resorts this type of matress is most commonly used to provide hydrants and power distribution cabinets. It is also possible to produce a tilting variant for easier handling when connecting artificial snow making units. In sports fields, the most common usage is the protection of different corners, columns or poles (volleyball).

Roller profile – For places where you need to protect the object around its whole circumference. This profile is suitable for columns with a diameter of up to 15cm.